The “Why” Behind Our Book

There are so many reasons why we decided to write Your White Coat is Waiting: Vital Advice for Pre-Meds but one of the biggest is that over the years, we have both seen people who would have become outstanding doctors but who made mistakes along the way that undermined their ability to get into medical school. When this happens, we all lose. That person loses the chance to pursue a career that is a good fit, their future patients lose, and the entire community loses.

The journey to medical school is a long one and isn’t always a clear path. That is another motivating factor for why we wrote the book. When you know where you’re going and the steps along the way, it reduces a lot of the fear and anxiety about the process. You are able to create an action plan that plots a course from where you are today to where you want to go.

We are excited to share our book with you!

Kirsten Kirby and Dr. William Kirby

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