So, you want to become a doctor?

Our book gives you the advice you need to make that dream happen

As a pre-med advisor who previously worked at Johns Hopkins University and Franklin & Marshall College (Kirsten Kirby) and a physician (Dr. William Kirby), we have both seen so many talented people who would have become amazing doctors not get the chance to do so because of mistakes they made as pre-meds.

We decided to write a book to help pre-med students avoid making mistakes and employ proven strategies to strengthen their chance for gaining admission to medical school. Our book provides targeted information for individuals evaluating whether a career in medicine is right for them, high school students who plan to be pre-med in college, collegiate pre-med students, post-baccalaureate pre-med students (career changers), and parents seeking to learn more about the medical school admissions process.

Book Reviews

I wish this book was available when I was applying to medical school. To you young learners, do not miss the opportunity to benefit from such an enlightening text.

Dr. Livingston

Their book is direct, and packed with encouragement and reality checks, insight, up-to-date specifics, as well as layers of value for any [student]. One of their imperatives jumped off the page for me, “Don’t accept bad situations.”

Abigail E. Adams

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